About Me

Vinny Bhagat is an experimental music composer and researcher in the area of computational electro acoustic music and Audio-Visual Art and Technology. His work explores digital sound generative and synthesis methods , physical interaction and models for performance and composition , audio visual feedback processes and conducting distributed performances with isolated musicians and artists . He combines custom build applications and found objects for the creation of a new music expression . His current research is in the area of ‘Automated Percussion'(computer controlled objects with variable time patterns producing mechanics that excites resonant bodies.Ideas like motion tracking to sound variables, pyhsical energy to data conversion, image to sound and sound to image conversions , mechanical objects for performance forms part of his research).He is interested in spontaneous music performances that stimulate the process of listening. Also the director for Shivnakaun productions, his work involves sound design and music production solutions for audio-visual media.
He is a graduate in Music Technology from the Elder Conservatorium of Music, University Of Adelaide.


* Vinny Bhagat is a percussionist and electronic musician specialising in improvisation and the connection between sound and moving image in a live performance context. Since 2005, Vinny has performed under the title Shivna Kaun and has performed around Adelaide and Australia. He also has a strong interest in network performance, and has performed numerous concerts with participants both on local networks and via the internet in Italy and India. ( Dorkbot Adelaide Oct 2008 )
* ” Some cool ambient/ avant garde sounds with Vinny Bhagat’s computer program. He evoked the early electronic music worlds of Stockhausen, perhaps a digital “Cesar der Junglinge”. Shivnakaun slowly built up layer on layer reminiscent of an Indian Raga or Robert Ashley’s ‘Wolfman’. A stimulating world to experience”. – David Harris ( Radio Adelaide - Live Music Festival 2008 )
* There was potential aplenty in the solo virtuosity of Vinny Bhagat’s computer work . - Rodney Smith - The Advertiser , 1 August 2007
* ” Vinny Bhagat’s work weaves together traditional Indian music influences with electronics creating ethereal soundscapes swelling with percussion and drones. He is a founding member of the local improvisation group“Shivna Kaun” and currently practices as a solo artist ” - press release - Tyndall Assembly Concert#2 ,thursday 26 July’07.

Vinny also plays percussion for Adelaide based group “Seeing Orbo” - ( acoustic fusion ,songs that share human experiences of existence , a group i.e quite popular for song based compositions and live performances, is currently working on their second EP.
Other projects include guest apperances for Ezulai , Bigbodo Band , Adelaide City Concert Band , tie ups with Adelaide Experimental Arts Society ,COMA ,Tyndall Assembly, Shantarastra School of Yoga and Help Man Academy Workshop schemes. Past performances include COMA ( 2005,2006,2007,2008 ), Tyndall Assembly (2006,2007 ), Ear Poke @ Australian Computer Music conference (2006 ) amongst many others.He is the former percussionist for Delhi based Original music group/concept “Envision”.

Presentations / Speaker :

* Carnival of e-creativity’09 organized by Academy of Electronic Arts - “Research in optical electro acoustics” - 1 March 2009
* AirStream Wireless - Annual General Meeting ( distributed performance concept/discussion on live AV streaming technology ) - 29 October 2008
* Dorkbot Adelaide - Networks of Music ( distributed performance concept , automatic percussion ,future confessions ) - 13 October 2008

Sound Design Works:

* Sangeet Sivan Productions ( Bombay ) Tralier for Click ( 2009 )
* Mirage Games : Sound Design / Game Audio ( 2008 )
* Synergy Project. Sound design and playback architecture ( 2008)
* Stroker : Animation by “The secret societ of Animators” ( 2008)
* Stelarc Residency , Flinders Univerisity ( 2008 )
* Worms : Animation by Tim Forbes and Christina Erdos ( 2007 )
* What is Music : Film By Daniel Murtagh . ( 2007 )
* Emergence Games : Sound Design (2006)
* L’vertie Incroyable: Film by Tamas Major ( 2006)
* Bushanza : Animation by Ronald Keller ( 2005)
* Super-bazaar : Film By Sukhmani Khurana ( 2004 )