Saturday, March 28, 2009


Shivnakaun's Optical Electro acoustic Performance
Indian Academy Of Electronic Arts Presents "
Carnival of Electronic Creativity
( Feb 27,28,1 March 2009 )

Spontaneous Sensory Reactions by -
[ Vinny Bhagat - Laptop , objects,
Ashhar Farooqui - Laptop , Voice,
Maria Fava - Laptop , Optics ]

" Vinny Bhagat had brought together Maria Fava and Ashhar Farooqui to perform with him, in what was perhaps not really an experimental collaboration, but also what was certainly not something that all three had ever done together before. And, nor was it anything that they had scripted and choreographed in any great detail. In short, we were back to unpresented live improvisation to close the whole show.
Vinny laid down the central core of the performance, with an eloquent compendium of pure audio-synthesis, made and played in SuperCollider. Ashhar sat at his desk in the shadows of the stage-corner, in his usual inimitable way, every now and again stylishly injecting lovely little snippets of improvised lyric that he then looped and tweaked and twiddled perfectly into the sound-cloud. And, Maria handled the live video-manipulation, demonstrating a remarkably prescient ability to almost perfectly reflect every movement of the music that came through from Vinny and Ashhar (in fact, I even asked her later on whether she’d had a direct signal-feed from either of them, which she did not).
Things got almost hypnotic, and, in very many ways, it was altogether an amazingly appropriate act to end with.For, end it had to, even though some part of the audience looked like they wouldn’t mind seeing it go on and on and on.Which of course meant that we had to get rid of those of them who weren’t ‘insiders’, so as to move on~;o). " MARCH 2009