Saturday, January 1, 2011

EdgeLogue : Delhi International Arts Festival 2010

The Academy of Electronic Arts (also known as The Academy of Experimental Arts || is privileged to present the first edition of EdgeLogue, hosted by Alliance Francaise de Delhi, within the framework of the 4th annual Delhi International Arts Festival (2010).

What this is expected to be, if the string that ties it all so precariously together does not unravel, is amost excellent manifestation of a melange of experimentally expanded creativity, ranged through:

* screening of one of the most substantial, & most exciting, bouquets to be seen anywhere in one place in India, this year, of Short-Creative-Video works from all over the world

* experimental live performances of specially crafted new creative paradigms by cutting edge aural, visual and spatial artists

*exploratory presentations on electronic arts and intermedia by artists pushing the envelope