Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sentient Machinery Provokheatre

Distant Impressions by Shivnakaun
Distributed performances are emerging trends in performance practices where the performers are not in close proximity to each other. Through modern Internet technology, isolated performers can be visually and sonically connected to each other. Hence, the requirement of performers in one physical space is rather a matter of choice not condition. This opens up new avenues of collaboration between distant artists. One can set up a performance base, collaborate with artists in isolated locations and broadcast performances in multiple venues within one time frame.

Shivnakaun is a Sound Art Project born in 2005 and is led by electronic music composer & percussionist - Vinny Bhagat . He invites distant artists from various backgrounds for performative collaboration.
" Our performance is like a journey, which can start with ambient minimal generative sounds and climbs to various areas of abstract sonic art and electronica. The music is created through code in SuperCollider - that explores real time sound generation and manipulation methods, audio visual feedback processes , field recordings + acoustic instruments and found objects. The spontaneous nature of the music means you hear a one off performance.

Performers details @

Vinny Bhagat || ToyMob ||Eskoit || Niche ||
Kym Gluyas || Chris Martin || Brian oregan ||
Moira Julius || Laura Wills || Nick Rusk

Host: COMA ( HipNote Spring )
Date: Monday, December 1, 2008
Wheatsheaf Hotel, Adelaide.. New Delhi( 3pm ) and Nice,france(10.30am).
Live @ htp://

Isolated performers/Live broadcast time: 1/dec/08
in Adelaide : 8pm
in Delhi : 3 pm
in France :10.30am