Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bhakti Yoga

Science of Devotion
Bhakti is a Sanskrit word that means devotion..
Shantarstra School of Yoga @ Mt.Barker often intvites me to come for a chant and drum for the devotees chanting the holy mantras.
By doing this , I go back to my culture and remembe my ancestors, this gives me pleasure and satisfaction , peace in heart and love of nice people..
Om Shanti, shanti , shant eee ..!! om :))

By doing this I missed Dorkot Adelaide meeting #1 check it out..


Robert Hart from Air Stream (
Sebastian Tomczak from Little Scale (

Friday, June 27, 2008

Residency at Rundle

A self initianted residency at the mall@Rundle every friday 6pm++
Uptill last friday of october..
Shivnakaun unplugged :)
Drums(vb) + sax(kym)
Cause : lack of gigs, paid rehersal/practise, regular performance , countless audience,fun..

Monday, June 9, 2008

MassoFarrar Australia Tour 5june'08

A new touring initiative has sparked an unlikely whirlwind tour around Australia . Two young improvising musicians from Sydney will arrive Adelaide on thursday 5th June '08 for a performance encouraging free improvised human behavior.

Venue: Exeter Hotel ,246 Rundle Street
Time : 9pm start
Admission : Free

* Alex Masso ( percussion) - Sydney
* Peter Farrar ( saxophone ) - Sydney

* Vinny Bhagat : laptop/objects

* Andrew Georg : Keys

* Improv session : magical moments

Alex Masso and Peter Farrar
The pair began playing as a duo in 2005 while studying jazz at Sydney Conservatorium of Music, and has gradually developed stylistically away from jazz and towards improvisations based on textural explorations of their instruments. They are concerned with exploring the many possibilities of purely improvised music. These include a range of approaches concerning musical expression, interaction, structure, and spontaneous musical problem solving that arises from performance. Stylistically, the music has roots in the jazz tradition, most notably the free jazz movement of the 1960s. They are also heavily influenced by Australian musicians working with new approaches to sound, forms and musical interaction. These artists, including Jim Denley, Chris Abrahams, Amanda Stewart, Rod Cooper, Clayton Thomas and Dale Gorfinkel are not concerned with jazz as a referential means of making music, but are instead developing their own vocabularies and syntaxes.

Improvisation group formed in 2005 by 4 students of EMU at Elder Conservatorium Of Music. Now also known as " Shivna Kaun Productions" the group has evolved into various streams of computer based sound art and other innovative forms of performance like conducting distributed performances and doing sound design projects for computer games and animations. For this evening Vinny Bhagat will present ' sonic textures' - laptop+objects based sound creation that explores the methods of sound capture and real time synthesis.
Electronic music is only limited by the relationship that exists between the human ear, the mind and the acoustic sound. However “it is clear that the composer of electronic music should not attempt to imitate timbres of traditional instruments”(Stockhausen 1962), it becomes a necessity for the audience not to accept any familiar patterns and sounds their ears are use to.

Andrew Georg
A versatile musician, playing both piano and pipe organ in various settings from solo to orchestral and Church music. He graduated from the Elder Conservatorium in 2007, and is currently Organ Scholar at St Peter's Cathedral, Adelaide. His primary musical occupation is as an accompanist for singers, instrumentalists, choirs and music theatre. Music and art of the 20th and 21st century is his main interest.
This is Andrew's debut public solo performance outside the context of a traditional "classical" concert.

Improv Collective : Spontaneous music that will undoubtedly drive your inner senses .. Joining the above musicians will be special guests " Chris Martin and Derek Pasco ".

This project is supported by the Australia Council, the Australian Government's arts funding and advisory body.

Sound Travellers is a new project funded by the Australia Council’s Music Board to support individuals and small to medium sized organizations in the promotion and national touring of sound art/electronica, improvised jazz and contemporary classical music. In a project which would be impossible otherwise, these two musicians will travel to every state in Australia to perform at the homes of exploratory music, as well as some new initiatives in Hobart and Adelaide.