Saturday, February 28, 2009


Shivnakaun …is an experimental arts project led by electronic music composer , sound artist and designer , Vinny Bhagat. His work highlights computational electro acoustic music that explores digital sound generative and synthesis models. The music is created through custom build applications using code in SuperCollider ( a dynamic programming enviorment for acoustic research, audio synthesis , algorithmic music and interactive programming).
" Our performance is like a journey, that can start with ambient minimal generative sounds and climbs to various areas of abstract sonic art and electronica. The spontaneous nature of the music means you hear a one off performance."
Accompanying him on video will be Maria Fava [ an Italian friend , composer and visual artist ] - exploring Video feedback and Live Video Synthesis.
+ a special surprise……

KRSGTH (Transit Spacelab) : Indonesia
Artist,Programmer and Designer
Redefining the existent media and technologies from tech-unique angles, krsgth has been active in various fields, such as art, design, and even research and development. He produces the output of sounds, images, and video through analyzing and transforming the dimensional values gained from a various devices.
An Internationally acting Turntablist and Sound Artist using laptop/controller/digital vinyl/technology and pursuing sensual various music like as metal/rock/electronica/ with dimensional dubstep tasted.

DJ Mannu is known for being a talented young dj and producer. his music consists of breakbeat--full on scratchin,hard basslines,raw synths.,jazzy ,.old school and drum n bass --raw and musical..

Host : D.E.S.U.
< Wednesday, February 25, 2009 at 9:00pm
< Level II, Cafe Morrison Street:
South Ex - II, Market New Delhi, India