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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Poetic Tech Unbox Festival

Unbox Festival 3.0  9 FEB 2013 6 -10 PM IST

Remote Installation Venue :
The Unbox Festival, Zorba , New Delhi India
Online Venue :

Performance Venue :
Shivnakaun Studios + Remote Locations

Artists | Performers

Da Saz | Namrata  * Hemant Sreekumar * Archan Nair 
Enso Design * Inkbrushnme * Shazeb Arif S * Greedy Frogs ( Adelaide ) Shivnakaun MediaArts

Friday, October 19, 2012

Collab withDaSaz

Working with movement is always a new experience,as the space around is always changing,unstable sounds adds to the idea that nothing is permanant. Finally it comes to the sensibility of the trio, to render this fragile emotion contains in the void of vibrations... Shivnakaun * DA Saz * Namrata Pamnani

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012


Delhi Electronica Supply Unit aka DESU is Resurrecting ! Recharing from the Capital city New Delhi. A host of events upcoming, and digging at the underground sounds and waves from bands, producers, Djs, experimental and hardcore with visual exponents. Re-energized and Electromassiv - Version 2.( Excerpt from 17 FEB'12 ) VJ - Shivnakaun

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Sound Interactive Visual Manipulative Synth ( demo )

* Jamming with TBK

Friday, April 29, 2011

Live @ SARAI Media Lab

Open Mind - Open Gates
An Evening of Performance and Live Art
29, Rajpur Road | Civil Lines, New Delhi
Saturday, April 23, 2011 | 6:30 pm

European Performance Artist duo VestAndPage (Verena Stenke & Andrea Pagnes) conclude their 2 months Artist-in-Residency at SARAI Media Lab with the exclusive screening of their movie sin ∞ fin - Performances at the Holy Center, realized during their residency in Delhi , Uttarakhand & Kashmir.
The evening program of Open Mind - Open Gates will be rounded by a vibrant series of live Performance Art by VestAndPage and Inder Salim, and experimental music performances by ISh S and Lionelbaba in collaboration with sound designer Vinny Bhagat.

Open Minds from tahska on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Carnival of E - Creativity ' 11

The Carnival of eCreativity is an annual incident that brings together experimental and empowering creative practitioners from around the world and India.
We welcome you to the edge of all sorts of empowered and experimental creative practices experienced through performances, presentations and screenings. CeC is an ideal global rendezvous for those interested in experiencing the cutting-edge in arts, sciences, performance, video, technology and
The 6th annual Carnival of e-Creativity (CeC 2011) is scheduled to be played out through February 18
-19-20, 2011 (a Friday-Saturday-Sunday in springtime, as usual), in the sylvan spaces of Sattal Estate, just above Bhimtal, near Nainital, in the Lower Kumaon of the Himalayan Indian state of Uttarakhand.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday, January 1, 2011

EdgeLogue : Delhi International Arts Festival 2010

The Academy of Electronic Arts (also known as The Academy of Experimental Arts || is privileged to present the first edition of EdgeLogue, hosted by Alliance Francaise de Delhi, within the framework of the 4th annual Delhi International Arts Festival (2010).

What this is expected to be, if the string that ties it all so precariously together does not unravel, is amost excellent manifestation of a melange of experimentally expanded creativity, ranged through:

* screening of one of the most substantial, & most exciting, bouquets to be seen anywhere in one place in India, this year, of Short-Creative-Video works from all over the world

* experimental live performances of specially crafted new creative paradigms by cutting edge aural, visual and spatial artists

*exploratory presentations on electronic arts and intermedia by artists pushing the envelope

Friday, December 31, 2010


Vjing at F-Bar , New Years Eve Cruise Party
Ashoka Hotel, Delhi

Monday, April 19, 2010

Image Mod

Some Ideas for Live Visuals in a night club, as a backdrop for DJ , or a screen on the side or perhaps working in a multi projection environment.
I am using Module8 to generate and design the image, using Live feed from the camera , still Images and short video clips.

Music : Trentemoller
Visuals : Vinny Bhagat


Music: Amon Tobin

Thursday, July 23, 2009


ASEUM'09 : Manila, Philippines..22 July'09
Asia Europe New Media Art Symposium
Participants Listing
Aether9 Streaming interface:

AETHER9 : Initiated in May 2007 during a workshop at the Mapping Festival in
Geneva, Switzerland, Æther9 is a collaborative art project exploring
the field of realtime video transmission.

Developed by an international group of visual artists and collectives
working in a dozen of different locations (disseminated throughout
Europe, North and South America, the Middle East) and communicating
primarily through the Internet, Æther9 intends to become a functional
framework for collaborative video performance.

AETHER9 Performers

Christiaan Cruz[CA]
Chloé Cramer [ Brusels]
Frauke Frech [DE]
Manuel Schmalstieg [CH]
Paula Vélez [Columbia]
Kim Xupei [Taipei]
Mari Keski-Korsu [Finland]
Vinny Bhagat [Australia]

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Live Stream at Colonel Light[Adelaide]

Celebrate Ausi Winter.. Online Sonic Design by Vinny Bhagat - Live from Sydney..
Live Stream at Colonel Light Hotel - Adelaide. Opening night for experimental Tuesdays..
Broadcast Recording

Monday, May 25, 2009


Æther9 @ Trans-Sesiones, Colombia
Date: Saturday May 23 2009
Time: 14:00-19:00 (UTC/GMT -5 hours)
Location: Museo de Arte Moderno, Medellin, Colombia
In the frame of Trans-Sesiones

Æther9 @ Video Vortex Split, Croatia

Date: Saturday May 23 2009
Time: 21:00 CEST (UTC/GMT +2 hours)
Location: Multimedia Cultural Center, Split, Croatia
In the frame of the fourth Video Vortex Conference

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Shivnakaun's Optical Electro acoustic Performance
Indian Academy Of Electronic Arts Presents "
Carnival of Electronic Creativity
( Feb 27,28,1 March 2009 )

Spontaneous Sensory Reactions by -
[ Vinny Bhagat - Laptop , objects,
Ashhar Farooqui - Laptop , Voice,
Maria Fava - Laptop , Optics ]

" Vinny Bhagat had brought together Maria Fava and Ashhar Farooqui to perform with him, in what was perhaps not really an experimental collaboration, but also what was certainly not something that all three had ever done together before. And, nor was it anything that they had scripted and choreographed in any great detail. In short, we were back to unpresented live improvisation to close the whole show.
Vinny laid down the central core of the performance, with an eloquent compendium of pure audio-synthesis, made and played in SuperCollider. Ashhar sat at his desk in the shadows of the stage-corner, in his usual inimitable way, every now and again stylishly injecting lovely little snippets of improvised lyric that he then looped and tweaked and twiddled perfectly into the sound-cloud. And, Maria handled the live video-manipulation, demonstrating a remarkably prescient ability to almost perfectly reflect every movement of the music that came through from Vinny and Ashhar (in fact, I even asked her later on whether she’d had a direct signal-feed from either of them, which she did not).
Things got almost hypnotic, and, in very many ways, it was altogether an amazingly appropriate act to end with.For, end it had to, even though some part of the audience looked like they wouldn’t mind seeing it go on and on and on.Which of course meant that we had to get rid of those of them who weren’t ‘insiders’, so as to move on~;o). " MARCH 2009

Saturday, February 28, 2009


Shivnakaun …is an experimental arts project led by electronic music composer , sound artist and designer , Vinny Bhagat. His work highlights computational electro acoustic music that explores digital sound generative and synthesis models. The music is created through custom build applications using code in SuperCollider ( a dynamic programming enviorment for acoustic research, audio synthesis , algorithmic music and interactive programming).
" Our performance is like a journey, that can start with ambient minimal generative sounds and climbs to various areas of abstract sonic art and electronica. The spontaneous nature of the music means you hear a one off performance."
Accompanying him on video will be Maria Fava [ an Italian friend , composer and visual artist ] - exploring Video feedback and Live Video Synthesis.
+ a special surprise……

KRSGTH (Transit Spacelab) : Indonesia
Artist,Programmer and Designer
Redefining the existent media and technologies from tech-unique angles, krsgth has been active in various fields, such as art, design, and even research and development. He produces the output of sounds, images, and video through analyzing and transforming the dimensional values gained from a various devices.
An Internationally acting Turntablist and Sound Artist using laptop/controller/digital vinyl/technology and pursuing sensual various music like as metal/rock/electronica/ with dimensional dubstep tasted.

DJ Mannu is known for being a talented young dj and producer. his music consists of breakbeat--full on scratchin,hard basslines,raw synths.,jazzy ,.old school and drum n bass --raw and musical..

Host : D.E.S.U.
< Wednesday, February 25, 2009 at 9:00pm
< Level II, Cafe Morrison Street:
South Ex - II, Market New Delhi, India

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Live Online Sonic Designs

26 December'08
3pm- India
8pm - Adelaide
10.30 am - France

" Live Sonic Designs "..
This channel provides live online broadcasts of concerts and special events.You will see three windows , each window provides audio - video live feed from three isolated locations . Press refresh and play in all/3 windows. A good internet connection at your end is essential.Hope you enjoy it and your feedback is very welcome ..

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sentient Machinery Provokheatre

Distant Impressions by Shivnakaun
Distributed performances are emerging trends in performance practices where the performers are not in close proximity to each other. Through modern Internet technology, isolated performers can be visually and sonically connected to each other. Hence, the requirement of performers in one physical space is rather a matter of choice not condition. This opens up new avenues of collaboration between distant artists. One can set up a performance base, collaborate with artists in isolated locations and broadcast performances in multiple venues within one time frame.

Shivnakaun is a Sound Art Project born in 2005 and is led by electronic music composer & percussionist - Vinny Bhagat . He invites distant artists from various backgrounds for performative collaboration.
" Our performance is like a journey, which can start with ambient minimal generative sounds and climbs to various areas of abstract sonic art and electronica. The music is created through code in SuperCollider - that explores real time sound generation and manipulation methods, audio visual feedback processes , field recordings + acoustic instruments and found objects. The spontaneous nature of the music means you hear a one off performance.

Performers details @

Vinny Bhagat || ToyMob ||Eskoit || Niche ||
Kym Gluyas || Chris Martin || Brian oregan ||
Moira Julius || Laura Wills || Nick Rusk

Host: COMA ( HipNote Spring )
Date: Monday, December 1, 2008
Wheatsheaf Hotel, Adelaide.. New Delhi( 3pm ) and Nice,france(10.30am).
Live @ htp://

Isolated performers/Live broadcast time: 1/dec/08
in Adelaide : 8pm
in Delhi : 3 pm
in France :10.30am

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

GoodBye Adelaide

Finishing of this beautiful journey of 4 years , the night before I had to leave for India , Seeing Orbo had a gig at Exeter Hotel . Few close friends came( chris and Chamunda - i remember for sure ) and was alot of fun to play . Minimal drum setup , few solos and chris who has been a great help to me recorded it all. I still have to collect the video from him ..We went out to sugar after that - it was a monday night , got drunk and yes , I love to dance alone .. 
Seeing Orbo also recorded 7-8 songs at Billy hyde Studio few days ago. Work on that is still pending,but playing needs to get alot better before any release should be thought about.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Guest Speaker [Presentation/performance] @ Air Stream
Annual General Meeting 2008

Air-Stream Wireless is a non-profit community group who use wireless in combination with free and open source technologies to deploy a Wide Area Network (WAN) that supports community participation, local content and communications.It is the first and largest community group in South Australia to successfully build a Wide Area Network (WAN) using wireless technologies.

Vinny Bhagat's work is based on performance of isolated performers ( different countries / location ), conducting distributed performances , connecting musicians , visual artists - sonically and visually - hence streaming audio and video from multiple locations to the performance venue and vice versa. He is examining available technologies for audio video streaming , audio video conferences and tools for isolated musicians and Vj's . In the past he has used skype , ichat and msn conferencing . This is now including second life and more importantly Audo jack technologies.
Live feed link
+ Maria Fava - Live video from Nice-France
+ Kym Gluyas - Live Saxophone from EMU,Univeristy of Adelaide

More information about Vinny Bhagat here...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Audio Pleasure

Experimental Wednesdays at Exeter Hotel
October 22, 2008
9:30pm - 11:30pm

Vinny Bhagat - Optical electro acoustic creations
[ laptop : Sonical,Virtual,Physical,Visual]
Kym Gluyas- saxophone

+ DJ Curtis

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Seeing Orbo @ COMA = Sonic Mantras

Creative Original Music Adelaide [ COMA ]  & Hip Note Spring ' 08 presents - Seeing Orbo and Darren Curtis.

Seeing Orbo : Acoustic(e)(w)fusion
Lyrical mantras , aural Images , percussive bliss,
soothing groove to soulful songs ..
Max Lorenzin- voice, ac.guitar
Vinny Bhagat -Drums
Joel Prime - Percussion
Kym Gluyas - Saxophone
Nathan Bills - Bass
Supermarket VJ's - Videography

Darren Curtis -Composer and new media artist
-- Laptop, synthesizer and visual geometry.
A hyperdimensional musical-visual performance.
Total immersion into the stereophonic soul through sonic phase-time modulation sequences, spectral colour re-blending and harmonic resonance.

Date: Monday, October 20, 2008
Time: 8:15pm - 11:00pm
Location: Wheatsheaf Hotel
Street: 39 George Street , Theberton
City/Town: Adelaide, Australia

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dorkbot Adelaide  presents !!!NETBOT!!!

Vinny Bhagat - networks FOR music
Martin Victory - networks AS music

Date: Wednesday 18 October 2008
Time: 7:30 - 9:30pm
Location: Schulz Building, Level 5, University of Adelaide (off Kintore Avenue )

( Media Release )
Vinny Bhagat is a percussionist and electronic musician specialising in improvisation and the connection between sound and moving image in a performance context. Since 2005, Vinny has performed under the title Shivna Kaun and has performed around Adelaide and Australia. He also has a strong interest in network performance, and has performed numerous concerts with participants both on local networks and via the internet in India ( with Ashaar ) and in Italy/france [ with Maria Fava ).
Vinny has completed a Bachelor of Music Studies with a focus on Music Technology.

Martin Victory is a postgraduate student at the Univeristy of Adelaide, specialising in electronic music composition and computer science. His interests include algorithmic synthesis and the sonification of network data.
Martin has completed an Honours Degree in Music Studies with a focus on Music Technology, as well as a Bacehlor of Arts with a focus on computer science and French.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Lyrical Mantras

Seeing Orbo:
Live @ The Exeter Hotel
Rundle Street- Adelaide
(9th October'08)

"Sometimes I wonder
I just sit here and wonder
What are we doing here ?
Where are we going to ?
Something tells me all life is a marvel
Something tells me we are on the edge of life
We may loose it in the blinking of an eye ..." -
Acoustic(e)(w)Fusion ..
Lyrical Mantras and Percussive bliss..

Max Lorenzin- Voice ,a-Guitar
Declan Lorenzin - Voice, reeds
Kym Gluyas - Tenor Sax
Nathan Bills - elec-Bass
Vinny Bhagat - Drums
Joel Prime - Percussion

Friday, September 12, 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008

society of poets

Interesting concept , may be a bit unusual for poetic gatherings, dont know , i think it certainly came up as a surprise for the people present there. Expressionism dissolved in Hertz...
Maura invited me to a poets gathering ,where she would recite her poem and i will manipulate her voice .. Imagine the result .. >5 mins ..
I am fascinated by the possibilities and interactivity with the real time sound capture and its synthesis . SC has given me hands on tools to do that, certianly a huge area of exploration..
{LiveInput * Synthesis}.concept;

Monday, July 28, 2008

lizi's going away

This was great , collective spontaneous music making at seacliff , hard to believe we all havnt done much music together , one show with ankgor wat , and the second was this , great to play with Pat , justin, kym , julius, molly , liz , christian, nick and others.
have a great time Liz , will meet up soon, somewhere in this planet. god bless..

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Synergy and b@mall

Synergy Project Presenation
<< live in theatre : improv with laptop, piano, piezzo,motors, paper
<< fall of night : moon rise + sounds of night ( beach , wind , frogs , insect )

b@mall : vb~(kit) +kg~(sax)
this is fine, even if i dont get much money. its amazing how things have changed , when i first arrived Adelaide, seeing musicians on the streets busking was weird , i had never thought i will do this, now things are different ,i am doing it, not just for playing, some % for $ too.
someone is watching , the days to come are not very far , i am getting there , here or in some other land, may be in my land.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Guru Purnima

Shantrastra school of Yoga @ Mt Barker, celebrates 'gurupurnima '- 18July'08, night of the full moon of guru.. I went to play Tabla with devotees chanting , I also recorded the last chant "sacred shiva".

For this I had to miss B@ mall and last week kym was sick :( ..

Love and regards to all my teachers and love ones..
Bose sir , guruji , stephen , jim , christian , chris and everyone else .. Meeting and learning from you is an honour..
My sincere promise to the art form ......

Friday, July 4, 2008

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bhakti Yoga

Science of Devotion
Bhakti is a Sanskrit word that means devotion..
Shantarstra School of Yoga @ Mt.Barker often intvites me to come for a chant and drum for the devotees chanting the holy mantras.
By doing this , I go back to my culture and remembe my ancestors, this gives me pleasure and satisfaction , peace in heart and love of nice people..
Om Shanti, shanti , shant eee ..!! om :))

By doing this I missed Dorkot Adelaide meeting #1 check it out..


Robert Hart from Air Stream (
Sebastian Tomczak from Little Scale (

Friday, June 27, 2008

Residency at Rundle

A self initianted residency at the mall@Rundle every friday 6pm++
Uptill last friday of october..
Shivnakaun unplugged :)
Drums(vb) + sax(kym)
Cause : lack of gigs, paid rehersal/practise, regular performance , countless audience,fun..

Monday, June 9, 2008

MassoFarrar Australia Tour 5june'08

A new touring initiative has sparked an unlikely whirlwind tour around Australia . Two young improvising musicians from Sydney will arrive Adelaide on thursday 5th June '08 for a performance encouraging free improvised human behavior.

Venue: Exeter Hotel ,246 Rundle Street
Time : 9pm start
Admission : Free

* Alex Masso ( percussion) - Sydney
* Peter Farrar ( saxophone ) - Sydney

* Vinny Bhagat : laptop/objects

* Andrew Georg : Keys

* Improv session : magical moments

Alex Masso and Peter Farrar
The pair began playing as a duo in 2005 while studying jazz at Sydney Conservatorium of Music, and has gradually developed stylistically away from jazz and towards improvisations based on textural explorations of their instruments. They are concerned with exploring the many possibilities of purely improvised music. These include a range of approaches concerning musical expression, interaction, structure, and spontaneous musical problem solving that arises from performance. Stylistically, the music has roots in the jazz tradition, most notably the free jazz movement of the 1960s. They are also heavily influenced by Australian musicians working with new approaches to sound, forms and musical interaction. These artists, including Jim Denley, Chris Abrahams, Amanda Stewart, Rod Cooper, Clayton Thomas and Dale Gorfinkel are not concerned with jazz as a referential means of making music, but are instead developing their own vocabularies and syntaxes.

Improvisation group formed in 2005 by 4 students of EMU at Elder Conservatorium Of Music. Now also known as " Shivna Kaun Productions" the group has evolved into various streams of computer based sound art and other innovative forms of performance like conducting distributed performances and doing sound design projects for computer games and animations. For this evening Vinny Bhagat will present ' sonic textures' - laptop+objects based sound creation that explores the methods of sound capture and real time synthesis.
Electronic music is only limited by the relationship that exists between the human ear, the mind and the acoustic sound. However “it is clear that the composer of electronic music should not attempt to imitate timbres of traditional instruments”(Stockhausen 1962), it becomes a necessity for the audience not to accept any familiar patterns and sounds their ears are use to.

Andrew Georg
A versatile musician, playing both piano and pipe organ in various settings from solo to orchestral and Church music. He graduated from the Elder Conservatorium in 2007, and is currently Organ Scholar at St Peter's Cathedral, Adelaide. His primary musical occupation is as an accompanist for singers, instrumentalists, choirs and music theatre. Music and art of the 20th and 21st century is his main interest.
This is Andrew's debut public solo performance outside the context of a traditional "classical" concert.

Improv Collective : Spontaneous music that will undoubtedly drive your inner senses .. Joining the above musicians will be special guests " Chris Martin and Derek Pasco ".

This project is supported by the Australia Council, the Australian Government's arts funding and advisory body.

Sound Travellers is a new project funded by the Australia Council’s Music Board to support individuals and small to medium sized organizations in the promotion and national touring of sound art/electronica, improvised jazz and contemporary classical music. In a project which would be impossible otherwise, these two musicians will travel to every state in Australia to perform at the homes of exploratory music, as well as some new initiatives in Hobart and Adelaide.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Stelarc Performance

Distributed performance with Oscilloscope
Flinders University 2008
Vinny Bhagat
9th May’08
From the early experiments with the radio transistor as a musical instrument to the introduction of digital technology and networked computers, we are constantly redefining the role of technology in our lives, exploring the new means for artistic expression.
Distributed performances are emerging trends in performance practices where the performers are not in close proximity to each other. Through modern Internet technology, isolated performers can be visually and sonically connected to each other. Hence, the requirement of performers in one physical space is rather a matter of choice not condition. This opens up new avenues of collaboration between distant artists. One can set up a performance base, collaborate with artists in isolated locations and broadcast performances in multiple venues within one time frame.

Acoustic Space – is an idea of an installation piece where a microphone captures real time audio signal and pitch shifts it. Hence an amplified space where movements, speech or any occurring sound is synthesized in real time and reproduced via loud speakers.
For my performance the sound is generated by touching the body surfaces of amplified piezzo and plugged leads. The signal passes through the pitch shift model done in Supercollider i.e. then isreproduced through the speakers. The output audio signal is also sent to oscilloscope placed in Venue 2 through wireless internet and the resultant oscillations are visually streamed back to the performance venue through a web camera i.e. then projected on a big screen.
Isolated performer - Tyrell Blackburn and Oscilloscope in Venue 2

Tyrell : “Vinny's idea for his piece was to transmit audio via Skype to my computer where I'd feed it into an analogue oscilloscope. From there, a camera would capture the oscilloscope’s monitor and send back the image through Skype to the audience where he is performing”.
I found a program called CamTwist, which came with the ability to apply filters to the built-in iSight. I used video overlay effects and improvised with its settings in real-time.”

Friday, February 22, 2008

Togetherness Show 17th feb

Uraidla show, 16 feb

Seeing Orbo at the Uraidla show, 16 feb'2008...

The Adelaide Hills boast an abundance of good food and great wine, many of which were are on display at this year’s 120 Uraidla & Summertown Annual Show..
With a proud 120 year history, the event has produced generations of volunteers and input from the local community, to create a fun, friendly, family day out.
Seeing Orbo with its 4 th year of perorming at the annual show, provided happy joyful songs that uplifted the whole spirit of the people present in that beautiful sunny day...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

NOw NOw,18-20Jan,blue mountains

Festival Details

The 7th NOW now Festival of Spontaneous Music
18 - 20 January 2008
Wentworth Falls School of Arts,
Blue Mountains NSW

A diverse program of soundscapes, audiovisual work, noise, electronic sound, and acoustic explorations, the Festival is a great place to glimpse Australia’s vibrant scene of spontaneous music makers.

The Festival celebrated this remarkable community with performances by Jon Rose, Joyce Hinterding, Adam Sussman and Matt Earle, who are all known around the world for their innovative work.
Other Artists include: Phil Samartzis (VIC), Marcia Jane (VIC), Paul Winstanley (NZ), Amanda Stewart (NSW), Greg Kingston (TAS), Caroyln Connors (VIC), Rosalind Hall (VIC), Taste of Teeth (QLD), Passenger of Shit (NSW), Ross Bolleter (WA), Clare Cooper (NSW), Thomas Meadowcroft (NSW), Dan Whiting (NSW), Rory Brown (NSW), Matt Earle (NSW), Adam Sussman (NSW), Rivka Schembri (NSW), Louise Dibben (NSW), Xavier Charles (France), Emmanuel Pellegrini (France), Brendan Walls (NSW), Splinter Orchestra, Mathieu Werchowski (France), Jim Denley (NSW), Natasha Anderson (VIC), Ben Byrne (NSW), Dale Gorfinkel (NSW), Sam Dobson (NSW), Alex Masso (NSW), Monika Brooks (NSW), Simon Ferenci (NSW), Yusuke Akai (QLD), Daiji Igarashi (QLD), Nik Mayer-Miller (QLD), Sam Mitchell (QLD), JoJo Dogshit (QLD)... plus more.

Monday, January 14, 2008

10jan@jAde monkey

with Ezulai + Interzone Express + Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat = This is the kind of bond we need in Adelaide.. All the friends playing together.. Was fun playing this gig with Angkor Wat, although I was very tired working all day..Some great sounds, rhythms, experimentation, improv and love.. What else one need ??
Julius + Nick + Aliaster + Justin + Kym + Vinny

Friday, January 11, 2008

7th Jan Wheatsheaf

"Shivna Kaun" Live at the Wheatsheaf Hotel,
Hipnote Summer Sessions'08
<< COMA ( Creative Original Music Adelaide)

Concept : Distributed performance ( Performers Live from Adelaide , Italy and India ), Live Coding Session and Generative Video Feedback

" - exploring the sonoric potential of computer using code, MIDI and software synths, and camera through video feedback, this free music electro/acoustic visual performance will surely blow your minds.This will be a distributed performance networking Adelaide with other continents via the internet."
featuring :

Vinny Bhagat - laptop/percussion/synths
Kym Gluyas - saxophone
Maria Fava - video camera -- streamed Live from Milano, Italy
Ashhar Farooqui - Voice and Fx - streamed Live from New Delhi, India

When : Monday 7th January 2008, 8.30pm
Where : Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George Street, Theberton, Adelaide

Friday, January 4, 2008

2008 ++

Hi everyone,

Thanks for passing by my page. This will tell you about me and all my upcoming gigs.. Hope to see you around..

Let the music guide you through the way you are going, let it be the power of love and expression..

Om Shanti..